Scenes from “Hiding Halina”

Nine out of ten children were murdered during the Holocaust. One little girl beat those odds. Experience the Holocaust through innocent eyes in “Hiding Halina”. A Documentary by Emmy Award Winning Producer Jeff MacIntyre.

Halina shares her childhood memories from behind barbed wire at the start of World War II. She was two when the war started and overcame tremendous odds to stay alive.

The only way Halina survived was to be hidden with strangers. One of her prized possessions was a little Shirley Temple pin. When she looked at it, it made her wonder if there was a life beyond barb wire.

Under fire from Nazi war planes, Halina and her father flee the Polish ghetto.

Halina was hidden with strangers to survive. One day she sneaked into the labor camp to visit her mother. During her visit, there was a surprise raid. A Nazi soldier found Halina. What happened next, forever changed her life.